Reception Meadow

The reception area is a short walk from the Ceremony Garden and is nestled between a vegetable/flower field and a eucalyptus grove with views of the farm and the adjacent Santa Cruz mountains. This large, open space includes a kitchen with counters, a sink, fridge, stove, cookware and utensils.  It is a comfortable place for caterers to set up and utilize.  We do not provide catering but can recommend some excellent, local caterers. We put your caterers in contact with our farmers to discuss menu needs:  having wedding guests eat some produce from the land allows them to feel more connected to the farm.  Organic flowers are also available for purchase.

The reception area has ample space to set up tables, chairs, a dance floor, and a tent(s) of any size.  We do not provide these items but can recommend rental outfits that do. There is plenty of electricity for either a band or a DJ.  The bonfire area is a nice focal point for guests.