From the bay area

You can take either 92 to Half Moon Bay or 84 to San Gregorio, both of which connect to Hwy 1.

  1. Drive south on Hwy 1, past the turn off to the town of Pescadero.
  2. After you pass Costanoa on your left and the sign for Rossi Road, there will be a passing lane. This passing lane narrows into one lane. When it opens again with a turning lane, slow down and get into the turning lane on your left. Right there will be a street sign on your left that says “Green Oaks Way” and a wooden sign that says “Green Oaks Creek Farm”. Turn left onto Green Oaks Way. (Between Costanoa and our turn off you will pass Cascade Ranch and Rancho Siempre Verde which are on your left. If you get to Año Nuevo State Park, you’ve gone too far.)
  3. Soon after you turn onto Green Oaks Way (dirt road) there is a turn off to the left – stay to the right. Proceed 4/10th of a mile (you will pass through a stand of eucalyptus trees) until you reach a distinct Y in the road.
  4. Take the right fork of the Y (there is another sign here that says “Green Oaks” with an arrow pointing to the right), and drive up the hill.
  5. At the top of the hill the road curves to the right and then the entrance to the parking lot is on the left. There is a sign on the gate that says “Green Oaks Event Parking”. Open the gate, drive through, and SHUT THE GATE BEHIND YOU (very important because the gate is part of our deer fencing). Park in the lot there and walk down the hill.  Please park and walk from here because there is no additional parking for visitors beyond this point.